We, Ants being a Digital designing company, is in the business field since 2011. We have gained a boundless wealth of experience in Websites and Web-based Systems Design & Development, SEO, Graphic Design and Digital Marketing areas.

Founder of Ants is the first adobe Certified service provider in Sri Lanka (Only ACE video Specialist in Sri Lanka since 2009) and also certified by Microsoft.

We have a very young and dynamic team of professionals to handle all what we do. Our services are frequently updated with latest technological advancements in the field of Digital Designing. Web Design Sri Lanka.

Ants Creation
iso 9001:2015

We provide our clients with the best out come at a cost effective manner without compromising our quality at any point.

Our Vision

Becoming the Sri Lanka’s leader in Digital Business by providing the best possible solutions to client requirements.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve our valued clients with the high quality services and optimum reliability, yet unbelievable cost effectiveness.

History Begins in 2011

  1. 2011October 13rd

    New Beginning

    At a juncture where the multimedia industry was on the rise but with a great price to pay, conducive solutions were expected to be found by many SME’s. With the enthusiasm and with a goal of providing feasible technological solutions to up hold the SME sector, a young individual who pursued his studies in BSc in Multimedia incorporated A new company to the IT industry in a small scale as a single proprietor company.

    New Beginning
  2. 2013March 03rd

    Moving to the Heart of Gampaha

    Within two years in to the business, Ants grew from scratch to win the hearts of many businesses in the area which encouraged the Ants to move to a 2 story building in the Heart of Gampaha City. Whilst managing limited operations in the Previous Office at Yakkala, The new Office premises was able to house the Developers in one floor whilst the other was allocated for the design & admin staff.

    Moving to the Heart of Gampaha
  3. 2017May 10th

    Ants has been incorporated.

    In order to dive in the deep seas and compete with the whales the company registration as a private limited company was a pivotal move to be made. In 10.05.2017 the company was registered as a PVT Ltd company under the state law of Act No 7 of 2007 under the Registration number PV131969

    Ants has been incorporated
  4. 2019October 19th

    Total solutions under One Roof

    Based on market research it was revealed that the Gampaha Area had a big need for Printing Services and solutions. After acquiring the ground floor of the same building printing operations are introduced through Ants for many people in the city. With all services under One Roof the Company decides to maintain only the Gampaha Office.

    Total solutions under One Roof
  5. 2019November 15th

    South Asian Business Awards Winner

    1. Best Business Solution Provider (IT)
    2. Young Achiever of the year (ICT)
    With many hurdles on its way, the company grew gradually to expand its operations by employing close to 15 employees. With great dedication & discipline brings you Achievements people say. Winning many Businessmen’s trust and faith by providing high quality innovative solutions for SME businesses, elevated the Ants to win a distinguished award amongst the bigger Giants in the South Asian Arena. This was a blessing for the organization and the perfect topping for the cake to bring in more awareness about Ants in the IT industry.

    South Asian Business Awards Winner
  6. 2020September 15th

    Stepping stone in to Far horizons ISO 9001:2015 Certification

    With a clear objective of sailing off shore in the global arena whilst maintaining international standards for the foreign market and the local market quality customer service and standards were to be implemented at Ants. The ISO 9001:2015 certification was obtained through Royal certification company in Germany. Timely Audits and Corrective, Preventive measures for ISO 9001:2015 certification always kept the Ants as a top-notch service Provider not only in Gampaha but to many businesses around the island nation.

    Stepping stone in to Far horizons ISO 9001:2015 Certification
  7. 2021February 25th

    Presence known and Registered Trademark

    In order to safeguard the intellectual properties of the Organization, The Company Logo of Ants Creation (Pvt) Ltd & the Famous Red ANT (Ants Mascot) was registered under the state law and been gazette under 02-687/26 - 2021.02.25

    Presence known and Registered Trademark
  8. 2022January 01st

    Long Lasting Relationships & Dawn of a new Era

    The veterans of Ants who have been with the company at their thick and thin, graduates in their respective fields of education where new knowledge and latest technologies starts flowing in and incorporated to the work we undertake. With “Great strengths Comes Greater Responsibilities”. The Ants realized their responsibility towards the society and the industry. Upgrading and updating all the services equipped with the latest technology and the state of the art work, Ants Team strive forward in bringing the best to their customers and bringing out the best of their customers.

    Long Lasting Relationships & Dawn of a new Era

Why Choose Us?

We are an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company with a Multi-skilled and Experienced Team where you can get your job done in a Professional and High-Quality manner. Based on our diversified experience gained from year 2011, the moment you contact us, we have the ability to understand your business needs, expectations and the ideal solution for the same.

We always pay our great attention to the clients’ ideas, feedback and understand the requirement as there must be a uniqueness in every project we do. Along with all these things, we provide our clients with the best outcome at a cost-effective manner without compromising our quality at any point. With our commitment to maintain the quality in every aspect, we continuously improve our processes to provide you a better service day by day.


ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company

Meets customer requirements by providing products and services that exceeds customer expectations.


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Professional website design at very reasonable rates with no hidden charges. Flexible Payment Plans


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We have a very young and dynamic team of professionals to handle all what we do.

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To retain a customer, demands much expertise as to win one.

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